3-5 August 2018

  • Speakers

    Members of the Hertford community will be speaking on a broad range of topics.

    Bahi Ghubril: Entrepreneurship

    1989, Engineering science

    Born in Lebanon, Bahi Ghubril read Engineering Science at Herford, before embarking on a career in finance and as an entrepreneur in the media & entertainment sector. His company, Zawarib, is rapidly becoming one of the most important travel and mapping services provider in the region, and he maintains active involvement in the financial sector, dividing his time between London and Beirut.

    Todd Green: Gaming & Technology

    2001, modern history

    Todd Green has spent much of his career working in media - starting out in radio, then moving into R&D in television, and most recently joining King, the creators of some of the world's most popular gaming apps. He was the Executive Producer of Candy Crush Saga from 2015-17, and now leads the Farm Heroes franchise and the London Studio.

    Pip Wilson: Technology Startups

    1993, mathematics

    Pip Wilson is a successful entrepreneur, director, investor and start-up mentor. In 2002 she co-founded Bluefin Solutions, an SAP consultancy which was sold in 2015. She is now co-founder and CEO of Amicable, a divorce services company aiming to disruption the family law market, by helping couples divorce amicably, as well as being a trustee for The RSA and The Girls Network.

    Gavin Brown: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

    2007, MBA

    Gavin Brown worked as an accountant for PricewaterhouseCoopers and Merril Lynch before setting up a hedge fund in 2008. In addition to his extensive work in finance, he also teaches at Manchester Metropolitan University where he specialises in FinTech, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology.

    Vanessa Collingridge: History

    1986, Geography

    Dr. Vanessa Collingridge is an award-winning TV & radio presenter, best-selling author and academic. Her books, including acclaimed biographies on explorer Captain James Cook and warrior queen Boudica, have spawned many TV & radio programmes. She is currently involved with the British Library's anniversary celebrations for Captain Cook and continues to work in the media, public engagement and executive coaching.

    James Hawes: History

    1978, Modern history

    James Hawes is an author, academic, and journalist. He has written six novels, screen adaptations, and historical volumes, including acclaimed monographs on Kafka and his latest book, The Shortest History of Germany, was a top five Sunday Times bestseller for six weeks in April/May 2018.

    Nick Groom: Literature

    1985, english

    Nick Groom read English as both an undergraduate and doctoral student at Hertford before embarking on a career in academia. He now teaches at the University of Exeter specializing in the Gothic, environmentalism, and national and regional identities from the early modern period to the present day. His recent edition of Frankenstein took social media by storm, with coverage across the international press.

    Alex Preston: Literature

    1998, english

    Alex Preston is an author and journalist. His first novel, This Bleeding City, won the Spear’s and Edinburgh Festival first book prizes as well as being chosen as one of Waterstones New Voices. Alex appears regularly on BBC Radio and television, and writes for GQ, Harper’s Bazaar and Town & Country Magazine, as well as for the Observer’s New Review.

    Malcolm Dowden: Cryptocurrencies

    commercial lawyer

    Malcolm Dowden is a commercial and regulatory lawyer. He works with regulators and revenue authorities in a number of jurisdictions to determine whether cryptocurrencies/cryptoassets, initial coin offerings (ICOs) and other applications of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies can be adequately regulated and taxed through existing laws, or whether new laws are required.

    Will Hutton: Current Affairs


    Will Hutton is an economist, academic, and journalist. He is currently Principal of Hertford and Chair of the Big Innovation Centre, an initiative from the Work Foundation, having been chief executive 2000 to 2008. He was formerly editor-in-chief for The Observer.

  • Programme

    A weekend of alumni talks, family activities, music and tours

    Friday 3rd August

    Buffet Supper, Concert in Chapel,

    Drinks Reception

    7:00pm Supper in the Old Hall

    8:00pm Organ Recital in the Chapel

    9:00pm Drinks in the Old Lodgings

    Saturday 4th August

    Talks, Family activities, tour of the Bodleian, Gala Dinner

    10:00am Alan Rusbridger Journalism

    11:00am Tolkien Exhibition & Bodleian Printing Press

    11:30am Gavin Brown & Malcolm Dowden Bitcoin

    12:30pm Lunch in Hall

    1:00pm Children's Activities all afternoon

    2:00pm Pip Wilson & Bahi Ghubril Entrepreneurship

    2:00pm Nick Groom & Alex Preston Literature

    3:30pm Todd Green Gaming & Technology

    3:30pm Vanessa Collingridge & James Hawes History

    7:00pm Gala dinner in college

    Sunday 5th August

    Brunch, Sunday Papers Review with the Principal

    10:00am Brunch in Hall

    11:00am Sunday Papers Review with Will Hutton

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